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Content Exchange

Content Exchange

Business member newspapers may exchange and gain access to shared editorials, columns and features that may be reprinted at no cost.


  • Each newspaper has one login for access.
  • This login may be distributed at the publisher's / general manager's / editor's discretion to members of the newspaper staff.
  • If a staff member of a newspaper asks for the password they will be deferred to their publisher, general manager or editor for this information.
  • If the password is lost, the publisher, general manager or editor should email Lisa Sutliff to request the password be reset.

TO PARTICIPATE: Please review the following Agreement Terms before publishing any shared content.

Agreement Terms:

  1. Oklahoma Press Association business members that choose to participate in OPA Content Exchange Program will share content with each other via a password-protected section on the OPA website.
  2. Each participating business-member newspaper grants permission to other participating newspapers to publish any shared content contained in OPA Content Exchange in the print version of their newspaper.
  3. Participating newspapers agree to use the reporter’s and photographer’s byline and credit the originating newspaper when using content from the Content Exchange area of this website. Participating newspapers further agree that each newspaper is permitted to shorten content as necessary, unless stated otherwise on the article or opinion piece.
  4. Each newspaper accepts the same liability for publishing content distributed through OPA Content Exchange as it would for content it creates. OPA Content Exchange is not a publisher of content, but a distributor.
  5. If the originating newspaper publishes any statement or article to correct, clarify, apologize for, or retract any portion of any content shared on the OPA Content Exchange, it should send the item to the OPA for posting on this site.


LOG IN TO YOUR NEWSPAPER ACCOUNT then return to this page to review editorials, columns and features below.

Editorials Columns

Other content is available at 


TO SHARE CONTENT: Current program participants should email the editorial, column or feature to

  • Include the author byline and originating newspaper name in your email.
  • Photos may be included and are encouraged with feature submissions. Please provide HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS suitable for printing when submitting (5x7, 200+ DPI).
  • All submissions will be reviewed before being posted in the Content Sharing section of the OPA website. Submissions will remain on the website for 120 days.




FOR MORE INFORMATION: Email Jennifer Gilliland or call her at (405) 499-0020 or 1-888-815-2672 (toll-free in Okla.)


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