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Public Notice Training

Public Notice Training

Standards and Best Practices:

We must not underestimate the importance of public notices and the care with which they should be handled. Newspapers have an obligation to provide readable, accessible public notices to the general public, and the fees paid to newspapers require adherence to certain standards.

Download the standards and best practices regarding layout, pricing, affidavits, customer service, promotion and online availability.


Affidavit Templates:

An affidavit of publication (also known as a proof of publication) is a legal document with certain required elements. To have incorrect or missing info from your affidavit could invalidate it and impact the proceedings of the published notice. OPA recommends using one of these templates to confirm your newspaper complies with affidavit requirements.





Video Training:

Three videos that describe and illustrate the standards and best practices for publication of notices. They cover (a) layout & design, (b) fees & pricing and (c) affidavits. Don't worry, each video is only four minutes, so grab a cup of coffee and get started.





Legal Notice Guide:

This guide includes most publication requirements found in state statute. You can download and print the PDF files for easy reference.
(Please note: The customer is responsible for ordering a publication that meets statutory or other legal requirements. A newspaper should not give legal advice but refer the customer to the proper statute with the help of this guide.)





Reporting on Public Notices:

Reporting on public notices is an essential aspect of covering issues citizens need to know. You’ll produce some important news articles and make your readers aware of what’s happening in the community.

READ:  Notices are likely in every issue and easily accessible, so make time to review them. Don't be intimidated by the required legal language; find the real purpose of the notice. Note on your calendar if there is a meeting or public hearing to assist in reporting more accurately on the issue.

REPORT:  Does something spark your curiosity?  What are businesses and government doing that affect local citizens?  Are you seeing any trends?  Research a little more and see what you find out.

REFERENCE:  When you publish a story, it’s important to refer readers to the original notice, including the date and page number, if possible. This attribution helps readers to understand the importance of publishing notice in newspapers.


House Ads to Publish:

OPA members are encouraged to publish house ads that help the public to read and understand the importance of printed public notice. There is room at the bottom of each ad to add your newspaper flag and/or name.

  • "How will you know?" House ads
  • Q & A House ads




Have questions?

To discuss publication of notices in Oklahoma, please contact Lisa Sutliff, OPA Member Services Director, at or (405) 499-0026 or 1-888-815-2672 (toll-free in Okla.)