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OPS News Tracking

Oklahoma Press News Tracking

Oklahoma’s newspapers are and always have been a solid, reliable source of information about people, events, politics, business and much more. And today, tracking what people read about you, your company, your candidate or your marketing efforts is more important than ever.

Fortunately, that’s never been easier than it is with Oklahoma Press Service.

Simple, Powerful, Affordable
Oklahoma Press Service’s digital newspaper clipping service combines the substance of seeing an actual article as it appeared in a newspaper with the power and ease of electronic media.

Don’t spend time you don’t have searching for articles or sifting through hard copy clippings. We’ll do it for you (based upon your search criteria) and send out an e-mail when new digital clips await you online.

From a web-based access point, you can read, save or print your clips. What could be simpler?

You’re in control but not alone.
Pick your search terms. We’ll walk you through getting the clips you want and help eliminate results you don’t. Would you like to omit obituaries or company employment ads? No problem.

And we can help you refine your search as time goes on.

Digital Clip Pricing:
Monthly reading fee: $90
Monthly per-clip fee: $1.00

New account activation requires a refundable $200 deposit.

OPS accepts payment by check, Visa or Mastercard.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Keith Burgin, Manager, (405) 499-0024

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