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Legal Notice Guide: Okla. Statute 25

Other Frequently Used Sections
of Okla. Statute Title 25

§ 101.Daily paper defined

Any newspaper which is regularly published as often as five (5) days in each week shall be considered to be a daily newspaper. This section shall apply to publications heretofore made.

§ 103.Sufficiency of publication of legal notices

It shall not be necessary to publish a legal notice, when published in a daily newspaper or in a semiweekly newspaper, in every issue thereof, but it shall be sufficient to publish such notice one (1) day each week during the required period of publication. Said one (1) day of publishing legal notice each week may be any day of the week in which the newspaper is published but the said legal notice must appear in said newspaper on the same day each week during the required period of publication as it was originally published.

Legal notices, within the meaning of this act, shall include all notices, the publication of which is provided for by some law of the State of Oklahoma.

§ 104.Change of name of newspaper

It shall be lawful for any legal newspaper now published in this state to change the name of such newspaper, without removing from the city of its publication, and without losing its qualifications to carry legal notices; provided, that said newspaper has been published for sufficient time and is already otherwise qualified to carry legal advertising; and provided, further, that it shall carry the new name of such paper as successor to the name theretofore used by it for a period of at least one (1) year; and providing, further, that all legal notices running in said paper at the date of such change shall be completed and as valid as though no change had been made.

§ 108. Proof of publication

Any publisher or any authorized employee of any newspaper making proof of publication by affidavit of any legal notice, advertisement, or publication of any kind, required or provided by any of the laws of the State of Oklahoma shall specifically set forth in said affidavit that said newspaper carrying said notice, advertisement or publication, comes within the prescription and requirement of Section 1 of this act.

§ 112.Change in frequency of publication — Status as legal newspaper

Any newspaper qualified to publish legal notices and advertisements as a legal newspaper, as defined in 25 O.S. Supp. 1967, § 106, may change its frequency of publication without losing its status and qualifications as a legal newspaper to publish all legal notices and advertisements so long as said newspaper complies with the provisions of 25 O.S. Supp. 1967, § 106.

§ 113.Publication in newspaper published in county, but not at county seat

In all cases under the statutes of this state where publication of any notice or advertisement is required to be made in a newspaper published in the county seat of any county, and there is no legal newspaper published in such county seat, it shall be sufficient for such notice to be published in any newspaper published in the county which shall comply with the requirements of 25 O.S. 1951, § 106.

§ 114.Validation of publication elsewhere than at county seat

All publications of notices or advertisements, required by law to be published in a newspaper published in the county seat of any county, which publications or advertisements were made in a newspaper published in the county and complying with the requirements of 25 O.S. 1951, § 106, and at such time there was no legal newspaper published in the county seat, hereby are validated.