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Legal Notice Guide: How to Count Legals

How to Count Legals

Tabular Matter

The rate is 70¢ per column line for the first insertion, 65¢ per line for each subsequent insertion. Tabular matter is copy set flush left or right, centered or indented within columns. Copy may not exceed 8-point type.

Straight Matter

Straight matter is 15¢ per word for the first insertion, 14¢ per word for each insertion thereafter. Straight matter is a series of words in paragraph form from the left edge of the column to the right edge.

What is a word?

A word is a group of alphabetical or numerical characters set off by space. Hyphenated or broken words or figures are considered as single words.

Printing Publication Dates on Legal Notices

A newspaper is required to print the date(s) of publication on the first line of city ordinances as [Published ______ ] (11 O.S. 14-106). The customer should be charged for the additional text in this case.

It is not a requirement to print the newspaper's name and the dates of publication with other legal notices; however, it is allowed as further confirmation of the actual publication. The customer should not be charged for the additional text unless it was included in the submitted notice.

Dates can be listed as the month, day and year (October 4, 11, 2011) or as date abbreviations (10-4-11, 10-11-11).