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LSP Benefit A

LSP Benefit A

The Plan will retain counsel to provide oral or written responses to telephone or written inquiries requesting legal advice concerning the following areas of law concerning the publication of a newspaper:

  1. Legal Newspapers (25 O.S. 106)
    • Qualifications
    • Postal regulation
  2. Sales & Use Tax Exemptions (68 O.S. 305)
    • Advertising and circulation
    • Equipment, supplies and raw materials
  3. Excise Tax
    • Long distance telephone calls used in gathering news
  4. Advertising
    • Overview
    • Types of advertising:
      • Political
      • Lottery
      • Professional
    • Supplements/inserts
      • Sales tax on advertising inserts (AG 78-308)
    • Release
    • Legal publication rates
    • Public notices
    • Issue & candidate advertising (State and Federal)
    • Other advertising
  5. Management
    • Circulation
      • Employment of minors
      • Independent contractors
      • Age limitations (State and Federal)
    • Production
      • Age restrictions/ machinery
      • Labor
      • OSHA
      • Workers' Compensation
      • Unions
      • EEOC
    • Anti-trust
      • Restraint of trade
      • Price fixing
  6. News
    • Open Meeting Law
    • Open Records Law
    • Libel, defamation, slander
    • Honest Mistake Act
    • Minutes Request Law
    • News Reporter, Shield Law
    • Juvenile Names
    • Cameras in Courtroom
    • Copyright
    • First Amendment
    • Subpoenas
    • Invasion of privacy
  7. Internet Law



The legal services provided by Benefit A shall be available to all participants during regular business hours (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) Mondays through Friday, except legal holidays.

The services can be obtained by calling, at the participant's expense, a telephone number specified by the Legal Services Plan Committee. Telephone calls in response to participant inquires from the retained counsel shall be paid for by the Plan. No collect calls shall be accepted.

All telephone or written inquiries are made in accordance with the procedure established by the Legal Services Plan Committee.


Exclusions from Benefit A

Benefit A does not include:

  1. Any area of law not listed in Benefit A.
  2. Personal calls or inquiries not related to publication of the participant's newspaper or the participant's newspaper website.

The purpose of Benefit A is to provide complete legal advice to Plan participants. It is not intended to provide extensive legal research on matters not directly pertaining to the list of covered subjects under Benefit A.

If a participant has a request for extensive research significant to all members of the Plan, it should be submitted to the Plan Counsel. The Administrator is authorized to approve such expenditures..